The Dawning WH Wisecarver

The Dawning

The story begins, mixing ominous ancient prophecies with the intrigue of modern politics into a tale you will not forget. This is not just a novel—it's a revelation, a tribute to the visionaries who dare to see beyond the mundane and envision a brighter future. But can it be realized?

Ortiz Soula awakens, his destiny irrevocably altered by a cryptic message, sending him on a whirlwind journey from the wilds of the Yucatan where ancient prophecies collide with stark realities at the center of power, Washington, DC.

Meet a cast of unforgettable characters, the guardians of age-old secrets allied with a group of courageous men and women like Leila Freyan, a brilliant mathematician ensnared in the high-stakes world of global finance and Senator Andrea Jackson fighting the corruption in Washington, DC. As the narrative weaves through the shadows of power and the intricacies of the financial world, it exposes the chasm between tangible truths and the illusions of wealth.

In the emotionally charged finale readers are taken on a whirlwind journey of intimate moments, profound revelations, and the promise of adventures yet to come.

Prepare for a true roller-coaster of mythology, adventure, and suspense, as "The Dawning" takes you on a journey where every twist and turn could herald a real new era—or the end of everything we hold dear.

The Resurrection Saga

“Today, only in fantasy may one speak truth.”

-WH Wisecarver

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