An American Journey

“Is there something in the air here in Washington, DC that drives everyone insane?” Leila Freyan thought. The twenty-seven year old math genius, three years on Wall Street knew about power, but the power in DC was something else. It was a secret world Americans knew nothing about, a treacherous, dangerous world beyond the world they were aware of or told about. Freyan was sure now that dark forces somehow connected to this secret world were planning to collapse the global economy.

Nothing made sense, nothing was as it appeared and now Kirk Danner had gone…What? She knew his plan would work but had he gone insane? Danner had told her to trust only herself. Could he be trusted with such power? Could anyone?

What Freyan was sure of is that something was coming which threatened her generation and her world, instinctively knowing it was her time to take a stand and fight. Leila Freyan is on her own mission now.

The Resurrection Saga

“Today, only in fantasy may one speak truth.”

-WH Wisecarver

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