Second Edition!
New content and revised

Americans Awaken

Our accidental empire started in 1945. Eisenhower warned us in 1960. Our Brothers have been killed. 

Seventy Years Is Nigh At Hand

Like most Americans, Kirk Danner knows something is wrong in his country, but he’s not quite sure what it is. He’s about to find out.

Hired by a mysterious investment bank to contest a bewildering global financial crisis, Danner quickly learns nothing is as it appears—it’s not just about the money. A group, known as The Order is planning to plunge the world into a new dark age.

Danner finds he has been thrust into a war which has raged for 10,000 years and in merciless revelation learns this isn’t his first time. His last battle was in the most savage war in human history. 

This time the war is to be fought on modern battlefields—the halls of Congress and trading floors of Wall Street. As unforgiving as any war, Danner knows the rules are the same: No quarter, no mercy.

The Resurrection Saga

“Today, only in fantasy may one speak truth.”

-WH Wisecarver

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