The Resurrection Saga

William H. Wisecarver

After a career spanning over forty years in national security, politics and international finance, WH “Bill” Wisecarver has written the Resurrection Saga. Inspired by actual events, the novels graphically capture where our nation is today, how we got here and what we, as a people, can do about it. 

Released July 2022, the second edition of Bill’s first book Americans Awaken includes new and revised content. Bill’s third book Twilight of Empire was released in June 2021 and the second An American Journey, in July 2016. Next in the series, Dawn of a Republic, is anticipated in early 2023.

Wisecarver’s professional experience spans both the public and private sectors. After three tours in the western Pacific with exchange tours in Japan and South Korea, he lectured at the USMC Command and Staff College until becoming a national security advisor on a Senate Leadership staff and Counsel for the Senate Armed Services Committee. An attorney and financier, he has over twenty years experience in international business.

In addition to writing, Bill continues to provide counsel on constitutional, national security and economic issues.

He is the recipient of numerous military honors and distinctions and has published several works on national security topics.


Tribute to Bill Wisecarver by Senator Robert Dole

Congressional Record, February 18, 1993

“During his tenure, a lot has happened in the world…. Coups and historic arms control agreements, dramatic shifts in the balance of power, peaceful transitions and bloody conflict. Bill has not been a spectator. He has been an active participant.”

“Every veterans group in America knows Bill Wisecarver as a friend. He has served the veterans community with compassion and understanding…and served them well.”

“Like many of my colleagues in the Senate, I have relied on his good council, his tireless research, and his unyielding commitment to the causes of justice and freedom. He is, in every sense, a patriot.”

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