Resurrection saga

My Vagabond Soul Interview

March 30, 2015

In March, Bill Wisecarver sat down with Kat Ford and Bonnie Gore, co-founders of My Vagabond Soul eZine and blog.  He talked about why he felt a responsibility to write the Resurrection Trilogy and share the experience and insights he gained during a 30 year career in our national security infrastructure and international finance.


“Talking to an average American, especially someone under thirty-five, they seem fully aware that things just didn’t make sense. That’s why I mix the history into the contemporary zeitgeist. To show that the issues we are dealing with today not only have a deep history in our species but also in the hope that by understanding what happened we can avoid the same mistakes."


Bill’s message is focused on how each of us today have the knowledge, experience and vision to change the course we’re on.  Full Interview


The story is a fictionalized account of the historical facts of where we are as a nation today and how we got here, portraying the true inter-workings of Capitol Hill and Wall Street.