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Resurrection: Americans Awaken Featured in the Red Rock Review

May 13, 2016


WH Wisecarver’s new novel shatters the myths of modern America from

Capitol Hill to Wall Street changing the way readers think going forward.


Las Vegas, NV., May 13, 2016 WH Wisecarver’s debut novel, Resurrection – Americans Awaken, is featured in the Spring 2015 Red Rock Review literary journal. The excerpt discusses the impact of political correctness in the modern world and its stifling effect on free speech and critical thinking.


Resurrection: Americans Awaken, Book I of the Resurrection Trilogy, is a historical novel about where we are as a Nation today, how we got here and what each of us can do as individuals—to evolve.  Absent a political or socio-economic agenda, Resurrection presents biting social commentary on the very real threats of political disarray, economic oppression, and civil strife affecting us all today.


The author, a former Marine and national security advisor, has been an active participant in the last thirty years of American history. Wisecarver recognizes the unmitigated rise of “political correctness” as one of the primary drivers responsible for our country’s decline; correctly identifying the suffocating effect it has on speech and thought itself.


“The message is evolution not revolution,” Wisecarver explains. “My goal is to provide my readers the political and economic reality of our society’s trajectory and its historical parallels in the human experience.”


Blending historical facts with an expanse of knowledge from ancient legends to the occult, Wisecarver blows the lid off what he calls the “synthetic zeitgeist”— infused into all our daily lives by the current political and economic power structure.


“Wake-up and engage in critical thinking, Wisecarver argues. “Seek the truth beyond the ‘politically correct’ 30 second sound bites—if something doesn’t sound right it probably isn’t, but you decide. Join the debate about where our country is going and what to do about it.”






The story centers around an everyman, Kirk Danner, who like most Americans knows something is wrong in his country, but isn’t quite sure what it is. He soon learns as the curtain of myths of modern America—from Washington, DC to Wall Street—is pulled back. Hired by a mysterious investment bank to fight a looming financial crisis, Danner quickly learns nothing is as it appears—the crisis is not just about the money. A group, known only as ‘The Order’ is planning to plunge the world into a new dark age.


About the Author.

Born and raised in San Francisco, CA, Bill Wisecarver’s professional experience spans both the private and public sector, worldwide. A former Marine and TOPGUN graduate, he served as a national security advisor on a US Senate Leadership Staff and Counsel for the Senate Armed Services Committee. Bill also served at NASA on a special SES appointment for the Agency’s restructuring and commercialization of the International Space Station Program. Bill is a serial entrepreneur and business executive with more than twenty years’ experience in domestic and international finance.


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