Resurrection saga

Published: An American Journey —the newest in the Resurrection Saga


July 14, 2016


An American Journey, the newest in the Resurrection saga has just been released and is available on Amazon in print and eBook format.



Nothing is as it seems in this political thriller, and now we are taken into the heart of the issues facing all

Americans and what to do about it.


“Is there something in the air here in Washington, DC that drives everyone insane?” Feila Freyan thought. The twenty-seven year old math genius knew Kirk Danner was a keeper of secrets. Only now did she realize how dangerous those secrets were. The plan is viable, she thought, but he might be crazy.  Could he be trusted with such power? Could anyone?


The Order’s plan to plunge her world into a new Dark Age was accelerating.  But Leila Freyan’s generation was unhampered by the ghosts of the past. She realized instantly she’d need the talent of her generation to stop them.  Freyan’s on her own mission now.










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 “Resurrection is a gripping story that will appeal to a diversified audience…it absolutely take superior skill to weave together an eclectic set of literary elements into a story without losing the interest of its readers.  The characters are very rich and compelling, and each coming across as a symbolic piece that falls into a powerful vision of the awakening of American society, the drama is insanely intoxicating…”

“Resurrection’s overarching purpose is to wake up…the critical mindset of the American populace. Wisecarver identifies the unmitigated rise of political correctness as one of the primary drivers responsible for its decline; correctly identifying the suffocating effect it has on speech and, consequently, thought itself. When our attentions are directed towards making sure we stay within the ever-encroaching boundaries of political correctness, insight and knowledge are stifled.”