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Resurrection: An American Journey

By WH Wisecarver



Heart-Pounding Political Thriller Tackles Modern-Day Oppression & Corruption


WH Wisecarver has done it again in his newest political thriller, Resurrection: An American Journey, delivering a startling narrative of where we are, how we got here and where 'they' want to take us. Fusing history with political intrigue, Wisecarver pulls no punches, providing the battle cry for a new generation — It’s not about revolution, it’s about evolution.


Hired by a mysterious investment bank to fight a looming financial crisis, Kirk Danner quickly realizes nothing is as it appears, and a shocking terrible truth—This isn’t his first battle in the last 10,000 years. A group known only as “The Order” is planning to plunge the world into a new Dark Age, and Danner is once again called upon to fight, this time on the new battlegrounds — Capitol Hill and Wall Street. But there’s a terrible catch, for both Danner’s handlers and The Order know the ancient Egyptian prophecies and the dreaded reality of the Edda myths. Both sides have good reason to fear Danner.


In An American Journey, Danner finds a new ally, Leila Freyan, a twenty-seven year old investment banker, who gathers a diverse group of her peers to join with Danner and confront The Order’s plan to plunge their world into a new Dark Age. But they, unhampered by the ghosts of the past, use the weapons of today — technology, finance and politics. Danner, she realizes is a bridge to the past, providing the realities of her generation's present  and the awareness required to build their bridge to the future. Leila Freyan is on her own mission now.


Says Wisecarver of his newest novel, "Resurrection asks the question, is this the way it is supposed to be? Surely, after 5,000 years of recorded history we can do better than this. In my view, with the technology, science, and financial power available today, we can.”


Resurrection: An American Journey weaves today's important topics of the current political, and economic challenges facing our world, into a fast-paced understandable narrative, exploring:


                                             Why the tech-savvy, socially conscious Millennials are the dynamic of the future.


                                             The importance of critical thinking and challenging political correctness/propaganda.


                                                                            “Revolution” is not the answer, evolution is: Don’t seek to destroy the system, evolve it. Release it from

                                                                              bureaucracy and from control of those whose only goal is more.


                                                                              That it is not about the size or power of our financial or political systems, but the integrity of the individuals we

                                                                               choose to lead them – vote wisely in November.


“The most important issue that the book addresses is how to evolve our way of thinking.” Wisecarver says, “It’s not about wanting more— it’s about what you want more for. We must lift the blinders of prejudice and realize the opportunities we have before us as a society and as a species. The solutions are out there."


Resurrection: An American Journey is an insightful and sometimes shockingly realistic novel of our times, appealing to readers young and old, delivering a vibrant vision of hope and opportunity for all.


WH Wisecarver has been at the forefront of American history for over three decades. Born and raised in San Francisco, CA, the former U.S. Marine and TOPGUN graduate served as a national security advisor and Counsel for the Senate Armed Services Committee. As an attorney and financier, he has over twenty years experience in international business.


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