Resurrection saga


WH “Bill” Wisecarver is author of Resurrection: An American Journey, the second book in the Resurrection saga published in July 2016. His first book Resurrection - Americans Awaken was released in November 2014.


Born and raised in San Francisco, CA, Bill has been an active participant in the last thirty years of American history. His professional experience spans both the private and public sector, worldwide.


A former Marine and TOPGUN graduate, Bill served as a national security advisor on a US Senate Leadership Staff and Counsel for the Senate Armed Services Committee. He also served at NASA on a special SES appointment for the Agency’s restructuring and commercialization of the International Space Station Program.


Although public service is close to Bill’s heart, he is also a business executive with more than twenty years’ experience in domestic and international finance. His success in key leadership positions in large organizations and small entrepreneurial enterprises led to his founding TechBank in the Washington, DC region – a traditional merchant bank to empower IT entrepreneurs.


Since moving to Las Vegas, Nevada, in addition to writing, Bill continues to provide counsel for national security, eCommerce, satellite communications and high-tech businesses.


Bill received his JD from Georgetown University Law School and is a member of the Virginia Bar. He holds a MBA in Finance and Banking from Southeastern University, a BA in Business Administration from San Francisco State University, and an Associate Arts degree in Aeronautics.


Bill is the recipient of numerous military honors and distinctions and has published several works on national security topics.

“During his tenure, a lot has happened in the world… And through it all, Bill has not been a spectator.


He has been an active participant… Like many of my colleagues in the Senate, I have relied on his good council, his tireless research, and his unyielding commitment to the causes of justice and freedom…He is, in every sense, a patriot.”


 An excerpt from a “Tribute to Bill

Wisecarver” by Senator Robert Dole.

Congressional Record: S.1885

February 18, 1993